Ep 028 The Upfronts

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All the major networks (and this year ABC added freeform) still did their Upfronts (a dog and pony show where stars are brought out in front of a theatre full of advertisers and they get to enjoy pandering and extended trailers.) Jimmy Kimmel does some light roasting and NBC tries to sell shorter commercials, less ads - like a bad ripoff of Jerry Maguire. But CBS has a large core audience in the linear space and they intend on keeping them there as long as the TVs can stay on, long after the people watching have gone to sleep or left this plane of existence.

Check out CBS' full schedule for the upcoming season below.


8/7c: The Neighborhood

8:30/7:30c: Happy Together

9/8c: Magnum P.I.

10/9c: Bull


8/7c: NCIS

9/8c: FBI

10/9c: NCIS: New Orleans


8/7c: Survivor

9/8c: SEAL Team

10/9c: Criminal Minds


8/7c: The Big Bang Theory

8:30/7:30c: Young Sheldon

9/8c: Mom

9:30/8:30c: Murphy Brown

10/9c: S.W.A.T.


8/7c: MacGyver

9/8c: Hawaii Five-0

10/9c: Blue Bloods


8/7c: God Friended Me

9/8c: NCIS: Los Angeles

10/9c: Madam Secretary

Son of keezer

Son of keezer

The Los Gatos Farmers' Market Basket 2017 (Spoiler the Willetts did not win this year's basket)

The Los Gatos Farmers' Market Basket 2017 (Spoiler the Willetts did not win this year's basket)

Ep 027 Bohemian Rhapsody

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It's episode 27 and Jim & Ted are reviewing Mile 22, the latest in a long legacy from Peter Berg.  From there they talk about Black Klansman... A Spike Lee Film, if you can believe it.  Actually, Jim & Ted can believe it.  They wrap things up with their anchor trailer of Bohemian Rhapsody.  Both Jim & Ted are excited to see this movie in a theater with great sound.  Enjoy!

Mile 22 | STX Ent | Trailer drop 05.15.2018 | Release date 08.03.2018

BlacKkKlansman | Focus Feature Blumhouse Prod Legendary Ent Monkeypaws Prod | Trailer drop 05.14.2018 | Release date 08.10.2018

Bohemian Rhapsody | 20th Century Fox | Trailer drop 05.15.2018 | Release date 11.02.2018

Last, but far from least, Ted has to apologize to Jimmy for understating the cultural importance of Michael Jordan, the man. Ted remembers a 2015 installation reliving some of MJ's greatest Last Shots. The agency was Los York and it looks like an incredible experience.

Ep 018 Avengers: Infinity War

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This week Jim & Ted discuss the desired time period of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series then get into reviewing Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  Avengers: Infinity War takes the stage and Jim rants about “Explosion Movies”.  Finally, Ted finds a gem of a trailer with Sorry to Bother You.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Sorry to Bother You

...and Avengers: Infinity War

Ep 017 Isle of Dogs

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Very close on the heels of the 2017 Fox Searchlight film, Goodbye Christopher Robin and the uber successful Paddington 2 (hey, we did a podcast on that one too) here's another world-renowned, anthropomorphized bear movie.

The teaser art even nods to a bear in a hat.

Since TJP takes a look at marketing we wanted to explore a viral ad campaign that bridges media like this faux PSA that probably won't be in the movie (similar to the Deadpool sequence from the Meet Cable Trailer) to other elements such as:

  • fully functioning website
  • Cool logo with all social platforms
  • Some of the glossiest "white papers" in a reports section on their site
  • A hashtag #wecansavethem and a fake future march on Capitol Hill
Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.09.34 PM.png

...wait, what? Ted calls foul on the use of the platforms for fake moral outrage.

Last, but clearly the most evocative, Isle of Dogs which Jim and Ted discuss how the English language sounds like dogs barking.

(Mayor) Takeru Kobayashi Challenges 2011 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition Contestants Via Satellite

(Mayor) Takeru Kobayashi Challenges 2011 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition Contestants Via Satellite