Ep 005 Mortal Engines & The Greatest Showman

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#TJPdeepDIVE Mortal Engines

Please watch this Mortal Engines Official Trailer before listening.

Jim and Ted agree on this one, the trailer as a trailer is a failure. Not a teaser, not a trailer but Ted explains what a lift is. With so much information missing Jim and Ted try and fill in the missing pieces but instead abandon the trailer until the next one. #Teds3wordREVIEW – Peter Jackson, WHY!

Give this version of The Greatest Showman Live Commercial a watching before listening.

Jim and Ted also agree on this one. The excitement of a theatrical feat of pulling off a live commercial in live programming should provide a lift for this kind of movie. They also dive into the other aspects of the Greatest Showman’s marketing a bit. #Teds3wordREVIEW - Huge Act, Man (#SWIDT See What I Did There?)

#TJPhotTAKE Chappaquiddick Trailer

Ted explains the etymology of his nickname and fond memories of the Vineyard.