Ep 049 The Intruder & 2018 Clio Awards

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Paramount has deepened their deal with Netflix. While they say Viacom is “big” it’s all relative. The $50 million deal for an undisclosed number of projects is small when you think of a $12 billion Viacom market cap and miniscule when compared to Netflix’s growing $155 billion market cap.

Last on the news front, the 2018 Clio awards honored achievement in advertising. Check out this year’s winners many of which we discussed in previous TJP episodes.

The Intruder | Sony Pictures Entertainment | Trailer drop 11.19.2018 | Release date APRIL 2019

Jimmy has a love/hate relationship with the Deadpool campaign. I’m sure the guys at mOcean have something to say about their big Clio Award winner.

Ted mentioned his Promax Silver Award, so here’s the spot.

Later, Jim and Ted talked about the new PG-13 Once Upon a Deadpool.

Last, but far from least - Ted talked about Pogs so you can check that out here.

Here’s the Go-go Ted was talking about from Washington DC