Ep 013 Star Wars Solo & Best 2018 Oscar Trailers

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Wow! This week Jim & Ted cover a lot of ground. Before getting into the #TJPdeepDIVE for this week, Solo, A Star Wars Story, they discuss the trailers that premiered during the Super Bowl.

Including #3wordREVIEWs for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Skyscraper, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Cloverfield: Paradox, Avengers: Infinity War and Jack Ryan. Jim leads a bit of a discussion on the Dundee spoof.

Ted and Jim are torn about the idea of cannon versus fresh takes on the Star Wars Universe. The nuanced nature of a "Star Wars colon" movie versus "a Star Wars Story." They touch on a lot of theories and some big picture ideas on expanding a cinematic universe.

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We go long on this movie but there's a lot of Star Wars information to go over and Ted's excited to share a picture of his new Han and Chewie figurine.

We are proud to host the first annual TJP Solo Cup where we pit the trailers for the Best Picture Nominees against each other to win this cool keg cup. You might ask: How are they scoring these trailers? Here is Jim's rubric for this round. Scoring five areas on a scale from 1 to 5. Music, Editing, Story, Acting, & Directing. But remember these are all in reference to the trailers. Here is the bracket for the next few weeks. 

TJP 1st Annual SOLO Cup Bracket.png

Below are the trailers for the three Best Picture nominees we are reviewing this week.

...more Oscar nom trailers next week!

Ep 011 Joaquin Phoenix, A Trailer-Spective

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Can you learn all you need to know about an actor from trailers? Jim and Ted try and find out.

Joaquin Phoenix has had a long career and quiet a variety of films but something about his look gives his audience the idea that it's him acting there, and surprisingly - that is a comforting feeling.

Up first this week is this indie flick with Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara and Jack Black in the streaming film, Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot. 

On March 9, 2018 he's in theaters in You Were Never Really Here. 

These are great directors why do they like working with JP? Here's a great, yet underrated Paul Thomas Anderson film that reads more like a Coen Brothers script than the typical focused percision of a PTA film.  OK, Ted put this one in to hear Jim's Terrible British accent impersonation.

...and to round it out Walk the Line.

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The Super Bowl cycles through the major networks (NBC, CBS & FOX) so the AFC and NFC championship games go to the other networks. The sweet renewal contract is here at TV by the Numbers. NBC got the best part of this deal.

"Cold Open," "Tease," etc. we don't know why we call these things what we call them we just do. This look inside... baseball? in the TV promo space. Sometimes I think media marketers make stuff for their own amusement but this time the meta message rings true to the everyman.

Ep 009 Red Sparrow and Much More


This week Jim and Ted discuss four trailers, but before they get into the big screen they start off with a Syfy show that Jim has been watching, The Expanse.  At only halfway through the first season, Jim's already a fan.  Ted, on the other hand, is not convinced, but continues to hold out for Ronald D. Moore's return to the sci-fi genre.  Not on Syfy, but with a new unnamed Apple show.  Yes, confusing.

Next up, this week's TJPdeepDIVE is Red Sparrow. A thriller action film with great actors and a hastening pace that builds on the anticipation and seduction of the Cold War elements in this trailer and, they hope, subsequently in the movie.

Shhhhhhhhh! this TJPhotTAKE on A Quiet Place sends Jim and Ted off the rails remembering John Krasinski as the Dunder Mifflin paper salesman, Jim Halpert, and they get derailed with fart jokes.

Last, but certainly not least, the Trailer Junkies have a third  TJPhotTAKE this week where they discuss Breaking In. It's the new Gabrielle Union thriller which adds to the list of films pitched as "Die Hard in a (fill in the blank)".  Ted's Three Word Review will you give you a hint - "Die Hard, Heiress".