Ep 012 Comedic Darkness

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This week we start with Groundhog Day. A movie has to be pretty powerful to spawn a genre breaking logline and this Bill Murray classic did that with this movie (I'll save the title for the pod as Ted and Jim struggle to recall the name of this Tom Cruise sci-fi action flick.)

Ted and Jim move on to planning for a double date to possibly see Game Night (Anne, Ted's wife, listened to the pod and has already passed on going to this one).

Then they move on to Unsane and agree that this was too scary (realistic scary) to see any more of this latest Soderbergh experimental. Since the recording of this pod it has been reported that the whole film was shot on an iPhone camera and in secret. Not sure how shooting a film "in secret" works or what it means Jim and Ted will keep reading up on this. 

Finally, Jim and Ted split on a trailer. Jim is not a fan but Ted finds nostalgia in Dear Dictator. Michael Caine as a Fidel-esque dictator is too much for Jim only a month after his Cuba trip. Check out Ted's seamless pun that he likes the execution of a film about a dictator.