Ep 050 Disney vs. Netflix

TJPodcast Lion King 2019 Square.png

…well, not really, but this week we pit two titles from Disney against the slate of titles coming out in December for Netflix.

@oneperfectshot had a tweet this week that said Netflix’s marketing was mediocre to which Ted responded with this tweet.

So Ted’s theory is that with such low friction into the space all Netflix has to do is merely present the offerings. Anything close to traditional marketing may serve the individual creative lead for a project but it does not serve the intention of Netflix to gather data on what people want to watch on their own.

Netflix | Video dropped 11.20.2018 | Releases the whole month of December 2018

Artemis Fowl | Walt Disney Studios | Teaser dropped 11.27.2018 | Release date 08.09.2019

The Lion King (2019) | Walt Disney Studios | Teaser dropped 11.22.2018 | Release date 07.19.2019

And just for comparison here’s a side-by-side of the both Lion King trailers.