Ep 035 Green Book

TJPodcast Square Green Book.png

...but first a #TJPquickHIT Sometimes something will come out and won't fit in the run of our show but if we feel strongly about it we'll jump straight into is as the #TJPquickHIT.

This week Jim's #TJPquickHIT is The Kindergarten Teacher.

The Kindergarten Teacher | Trailer | Netflix | Trailer drop 08.09.2018 | Release date 10.12.2018

Ted needed a #TJPquickHIT too so here's ROMA

ROMA | Teaser Trailer | Netflix | Trailer drop 08.16.2018 | Release date COMING SOON

Now the goosebumps. When Ted sees trailers that have an emotional connection and can discuss race, wealth, friendship and identity with actors that can carry it he can't want to hear what Jimmy has to say about it. Green Book is that trailer. Then Ted added a popcorn movie with Hunter Killer but remembered that Viggo was in Ted's favorite submarine action/drama Crimson Tide so he tossed that trailer in too to see how it held up and it's pretty solid.

Green Book | Trailer | Universal | Trailer drop 08.14.2018 | Release date THANKSGIVING

Crimson Tide | Hollywood Pictures | Simpson/Bruckheimer | Release date 05.12.1995

Hunter Killer | Trailer | Lionsgate | Trailer drop 07.26.2018 | Release date 10.26.2018