Ep 009 Red Sparrow and Much More


This week Jim and Ted discuss four trailers, but before they get into the big screen they start off with a Syfy show that Jim has been watching, The Expanse.  At only halfway through the first season, Jim's already a fan.  Ted, on the other hand, is not convinced, but continues to hold out for Ronald D. Moore's return to the sci-fi genre.  Not on Syfy, but with a new unnamed Apple show.  Yes, confusing.

Next up, this week's TJPdeepDIVE is Red Sparrow. A thriller action film with great actors and a hastening pace that builds on the anticipation and seduction of the Cold War elements in this trailer and, they hope, subsequently in the movie.

Shhhhhhhhh! this TJPhotTAKE on A Quiet Place sends Jim and Ted off the rails remembering John Krasinski as the Dunder Mifflin paper salesman, Jim Halpert, and they get derailed with fart jokes.

Last, but certainly not least, the Trailer Junkies have a third  TJPhotTAKE this week where they discuss Breaking In. It's the new Gabrielle Union thriller which adds to the list of films pitched as "Die Hard in a (fill in the blank)".  Ted's Three Word Review will you give you a hint - "Die Hard, Heiress".