Ep 008 Game Over, Man!

TJPodcast Square Game Over Man.jpg

This week Ted & Jim tackle the buddy-action-comedy, Game Over, Man! In the evolution of how Trailer Junkies Podcast does this here are the videos all in one place. The #TJPdeepDIVE is Game Over, Man! but it's really about Netflix.

We approach Netflix’s marketing with a broader look at other viral pieces. Ted changes his mind on the timing of the Netflix PROPOSAL with Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant promoting Santa Clarita Diet. First, he thinks it's bad timing, but by the end this piece of content acts as a sustainable marketing piece.

We also look at one of the sequel announcement pieces for Bright 2 as a Leaked Orc Audition reel. Never taking themselves too seriously, at least on the consumer-facing side. The stock price on the other hand, deadly serious.

We ran long this week but there’s a lot to talk around Netflix and their tech lens on the media space. Ted's still trying to coin the acronym #MaaS for Media as a Service, but the autonomous vehicle people are trying to use it as Mobility as a Service.

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