Ep 013 Star Wars Solo & Best 2018 Oscar Trailers

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Wow! This week Jim & Ted cover a lot of ground. Before getting into the #TJPdeepDIVE for this week, Solo, A Star Wars Story, they discuss the trailers that premiered during the Super Bowl.

Including #3wordREVIEWs for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Skyscraper, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Cloverfield: Paradox, Avengers: Infinity War and Jack Ryan. Jim leads a bit of a discussion on the Dundee spoof.

Ted and Jim are torn about the idea of cannon versus fresh takes on the Star Wars Universe. The nuanced nature of a "Star Wars colon" movie versus "a Star Wars Story." They touch on a lot of theories and some big picture ideas on expanding a cinematic universe.

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We go long on this movie but there's a lot of Star Wars information to go over and Ted's excited to share a picture of his new Han and Chewie figurine.

We are proud to host the first annual TJP Solo Cup where we pit the trailers for the Best Picture Nominees against each other to win this cool keg cup. You might ask: How are they scoring these trailers? Here is Jim's rubric for this round. Scoring five areas on a scale from 1 to 5. Music, Editing, Story, Acting, & Directing. But remember these are all in reference to the trailers. Here is the bracket for the next few weeks. 

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Below are the trailers for the three Best Picture nominees we are reviewing this week.

...more Oscar nom trailers next week!

Ep 008 Game Over, Man!

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This week Ted & Jim tackle the buddy-action-comedy, Game Over, Man! In the evolution of how Trailer Junkies Podcast does this here are the videos all in one place. The #TJPdeepDIVE is Game Over, Man! but it's really about Netflix.

We approach Netflix’s marketing with a broader look at other viral pieces. Ted changes his mind on the timing of the Netflix PROPOSAL with Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant promoting Santa Clarita Diet. First, he thinks it's bad timing, but by the end this piece of content acts as a sustainable marketing piece.

We also look at one of the sequel announcement pieces for Bright 2 as a Leaked Orc Audition reel. Never taking themselves too seriously, at least on the consumer-facing side. The stock price on the other hand, deadly serious.

We ran long this week but there’s a lot to talk around Netflix and their tech lens on the media space. Ted's still trying to coin the acronym #MaaS for Media as a Service, but the autonomous vehicle people are trying to use it as Mobility as a Service.

Please tweet us any errors you may find as Jim & Ted set up #TJPdrinkingGAME to offer corrections for various mistakes and annoyances.

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Ep 005 Mortal Engines & The Greatest Showman

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#TJPdeepDIVE Mortal Engines

Please watch this Mortal Engines Official Trailer before listening.

Jim and Ted agree on this one, the trailer as a trailer is a failure. Not a teaser, not a trailer but Ted explains what a lift is. With so much information missing Jim and Ted try and fill in the missing pieces but instead abandon the trailer until the next one. #Teds3wordREVIEW – Peter Jackson, WHY!

Give this version of The Greatest Showman Live Commercial a watching before listening.

Jim and Ted also agree on this one. The excitement of a theatrical feat of pulling off a live commercial in live programming should provide a lift for this kind of movie. They also dive into the other aspects of the Greatest Showman’s marketing a bit. #Teds3wordREVIEW - Huge Act, Man (#SWIDT See What I Did There?)

#TJPhotTAKE Chappaquiddick Trailer

Ted explains the etymology of his nickname and fond memories of the Vineyard.

Ep 003 12 Strong


De oppresso liber “To free the oppressed” is the Special Forces motto and this film, 12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers commemorate the men who went to Afghanistan immediately after the September 11 attacks. During this trailer debrief – Jim’s military knowledge is tested and Ted tries to say dressage. But in the end the unknown outcome of these dozen warriors and their families will bring Jim to the theater. Ted’s three-word review gets workshopped and you’ll have to listen to hear what it is. On a serious tip Jim warns about the dangers of binge viewing.

If you are a veteran – Thank you for your service.

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