Ep 87

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Ted and Jim go super-local with the beers this week. Ted and Frank went to Hand-Brewed Beer and got El Chubasco IPA infused with serrano and arbol peppers. Jimmy went with the Santa Maria Brewing’s West Coast IPA: Exploration.


The Aeronauts | Amazon Prime Video | Trailer dropped 08.29.2019 | Theaters 12.06.2019 Prime Video (streaming) 12.20.2019

Just Mercy | Warner Brothers Pictures | Trailer dropped 09.04.2019 | Release date In theaters this December

The Lighthouse | A24 | Trailer dropped 07.30.2019 | Release date 10.18.2019

Ep 86

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Bad Boys for Life | Sony Pictures | Columbia Pictures | Simpson/Bruckheimer Posthumously? | Overbrook | Trailer dropped 09.04.2019 | Release date 01.17.2020

The Laundromat | Netflix | Trailer dropped 08.28.2019 | IN SELECT THEATERS and on NETFLIX THIS FALL

Between Two Ferns: The Movie | Netflix | Trailer dropped 09.04.2019 | Release date In theaters this December

Ted took some time to watch Destination Wedding. Enjoy this scene. If you like it you’ll like the movie. But like a fine whine it’s not for everyone.

Ep 84

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Jim and Ted are joined by their better halves to discuss the finer things, like classic cinema, streaming services and the best way to enter an airplane as you pass through first class to economy.

The Morning Show | Apple TV+ | Trailer dropped 08.19.2019 | Streaming COMING SOON

Bombshell | Lionsgate | Trailer dropped 08.21.2019 | Release date December 2019

Little Women | Columbia Pictures & Regency Entertainment | Trailer dropped 08.13.2019 | Release date CHRISTMAS 2019

Back in 2008 Jim, Clarissa, and Clarissa’s sister paid Louisa May Alcott a visit… she wasn’t home.