The Predator (2018)

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This week Jim & Ted cover a number of trailers giving you, dear listener, a lot to chew on while we are on hiatus.  Yes, we will be traveling for the month of July and returning in August with new episodes and new segments.  While we're gone you can get caught up on past episodes, subscribe, and we thank you for being loyal listeners.  See you next season... or next Solo Cup... Second Cup? Speaking of awards come and check us out at the Podcast Awards and give us a nomination or a vote for Viewers' Choice.

The Hate U Give | 20th Century Fox | Trailer drop 06.24.2018 | Release date 10.19.2018

Zoe (2018) | Amazon Studios | Trailer drop 06.21.2018 | Release 07.20.2018

The Predator (2018) | 20th Century Fox | Trailer drop 06.26.2018 | Release date 09.14.2018

Beautiful Boy | Amazon Studios | Trailer drop 06.27.2018 | Release date 10.12.2018

Mission: Impossible - Fallout | Paramount Pictures | Trailer drop 05.15.2018 | Release date 07.27.2018

Assassination Nation | Neon | Trailer drop 06.27.2018 | Release date 09.21.2018

Disenchantment | Netflix | Teaser trailer drop 06.28.2018 | Release date 08.17.2018


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This week Jim & Ted take on some doll love.  No not that kind of love, but dolls as therapy for an artist recovering from an attack by five men.  They also discuss Jerry Seinfeld's new to Netflix show, and finally, Creed II.  They're both Rocky fans and discuss of some of their favorite Rocky moments.  Jim also give tips on how to train for boxing, and he's not a boxer... go figure.  Here's a hint: It's discipline folks.  Enjoy it to the end for some Timmy and Mikey talk after the close.

Welcome to Marwen | Universal | Trailer drop 06.20.2018 | Release date THIS HOLIDAY SEASON

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2018: Freshly Brewed | Netflix | Trailer drop 06.20.2018 | Release date 07.06.2018

CREED II | MGM | Trailer drop 06.20.2018 | Release date THANKSGIVING

Bad Times at the El Royale

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This week Jim and Ted go extra terrestrial with three "out of this world" connected trailers. The theme is a stretch but so is getting to the moon on slide rulers, chalk, paper and pencil. They get through some of the great trailers that came out in the glut of Trailer-palooza 2018 (when 20 or so trailers releases in the first week of June).We had a fan suggestion with the older but releasing a couple of weeks ago, Mr. Rogers documentary. They also included the teaser for the Tim Burton / Disney #ani2act a new category where Disney rules. Do you like this hashtag? It's a genre defined as classic animation that is adapted to live action.

#TJPquickHIT | Won't You Be My Neighbor? | Focus Features | Trailer drop 03.20.2018 | Release date 06.08.2018

#TJPhotTAKE | Dumbo | Disney | Teaser Trailer drop 06.13.2018 | Release date MARCH 2019

A Star Is Born | Warner Bros. Pictures | Trailer drop 06.06.2018 | Release date 10.05.2018

First Man | Universal Pictures | Trailer drop 06.08.2018 | Release date COMING SOON

Bad Times at the El Royale | Trailer drop 06.08.2018 | Release date 10.05.2018