Ep 039 The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

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This week Jim and Ted recap the Amazon series, Jack Ryan before covering three incredible movie trailers.  Netflix and Amazon are at it again, and they end with Overlord.  Yes, Operation Overlord, which was the codename for the Normandy invation on June 6, 1944.  The trailer takes a bit of twist... oaky, a major turn.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs | Netflix | Trailer drop 09.12.2018 | Release date 11.16.2018

Homecoming | Prime Video | Trailer drop 09.13.2018 | Release date 11.02.2018

Here is the show open Ted mentions for the Mr Robot that is completely out of character for the show. But a fun stretch for Sam Esmail and the whole cast to take a breath from all the heavy stuff happening while leaving the death and kidnapping in the show open it still pokes fun at it with a laugh track throughout the show too.

Overlord | Paramount Pictures | Trailer drop 07.18.2018 | Release date 11.09.2018

Ep 038 Thunder Road (2018)

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This week's TJP quick hit is outside of the media industry but tackles a point that Ted made over at the TIFO podcast. Does celebrity VO talent carry the baggage of the celebrity? Ted says no and this ad might be a posterchild for this thought.

At Ted's work he used to have a marketing showcase where coworkers would bring inventive pieces of marketing to share and discuss. Nike's "Dream Crazy" is yet another feather in the Nike marketing cap as they generate around $43 million in buzz for Nike (according to Bloomberg). Since Jim and Ted spent so much time talking about it. Here is the Pepsi ad too.

Now on to more pleasant things like the death of a parent, wait what? No, Ted fell in love with this trailer and wrote a short article talking about its virtues. 

Thunder Road (2018 Feature) | Trailer | apple | Trailer drop 09.04.2018 | Release Available on iTunes

Rarely does a trailer hit Ted so hard. So we go deeper with the 2016 short it expands on.

At Eternity's Gate | CBS Films | Trailer | Trailer drop 09.05.2018 | Release date COMING SOON

Any chance Ted gets to talk about Mads Mikkelsen he'll take.

Jim positively critiqued the pull/zoom effect used in Thunder Road that Hitchcock invented and Spielberg used to distort the audience in a character's time of turmoil.

Ted explained the ‘Vertigo Effect’ or as he called it, ‘The Hitchcock Effect’ well.  In spite of Ted's stellar explanation,  Jim knew what he saw and what he liked, but the technicalities were almost lost on him.

 The Wall

The Wall

You’ve heard Ted talk about “The Wall”. These Laserdisc covers are a sample from Jim’s old Laserdisc collection from the 80’s and 90’s. There’s a lot of classics here. Perhaps the Trailer Junkies will cover each one of these movie trailers to see how they hold up to today’s movie trailer standards.

Ep 037 In Like Flynn

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This week's TJP quick hit is In Like Flynn. An action bio-pic about Errol Flynn.

In Like Flynn | Umbrella Entertainment | Trailer | Trailer drop 08.20.2018 | Release date 10.11.2018

Sorry for Your Loss | Facebook Watch | Series Trailer | Trailer drop 08.28.2018 | Series Premiere 09.18.2018

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The best thing about this is to see the tone of this trailer. This is giving Elizabeth Olsen a big juicy role and the end card says "Follow for new episodes" as if to dare the viewer to miss one.


Slice | A24 | Trailer | Trailer drop 08.21.2018 | Release date COMING SOON

The Front Runner | Sony Pictures | Trailer | Trailer drop 08.30.2018 | Release date ELECTION DAY

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 9.10.55 AM.png

Now here is a crowded end page. Is the 'True story' a book called Election Day or is that the release.

Ep 036 Amazon Trailerspective

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...but first a #TJPquickHIT Sometimes something will come out and won't fit in the run of our show but if we feel strongly about it we'll jump straight into is as the #TJPquickHIT. This week's quick hits are Eureka and Homecoming.

Eureka | Amazon Prime Video | Series Promo | Promo drop 06.30.2018 | Release date Out now

Welcome to EUREKA.png

So this one is here just to show that there is an effort to push an old show out to a new audience.

  • No mention of what how old the show is (It originally ran 2006-2012).
  • No Colin Ferguson on the thumbnail.
  • The title confused people - in the comments people were looking for Welcome to Eureka (I suspect with a round or two of notes they would have teased out the copy to make "Welcome to" less like the title)

Homecoming Season 1 | Amazon Prime Video | Teaser | Teaser drop 07.20.2018 | Release 11.02.2018

This teaser is juicy but we will really dig into this when the full trailer comes out but this shows a big check in a very classy way. They paid for...

  • Radiohead Everything In Its Right Place (both the music and lyrics add to the tension of the piece)
  • Mr. Robot legacy & pedigree - Sam Esmail given money and creative freedom
  • Julia Roberts - how juicy does this product have to be to get Julia to do streaming? 

But now to the Deeper dives.

King Lear | Amazon Prime Video | Trailer | Trailer drop 08.20.2018 | Release 09.28.2018

The Romanoffs | Amazon Prime Video | Teaser | Teaser drop 08.14.2018 | Release 10.12.2018

Suspiria | Amazon Studios | Trailer | Trailer drop 08.23.2018 | Release 10.26.2018

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 1 | Amazon Prime Video | Trailer | Trailer drop 06.11.2018 | Release 08.31.2018