Ep 007 Oceans 8 & Book of Henry

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#TJPdeepDIVE Ocean’s 8

This week the junkies discuss the gender swap on Ocean’s 8 and compare the newest installment to the other Ocean’s 11 films both Clooney’s and Sinatra’s. A suggestion from Anne, Ted’s wife and Terrence, his coworker – Ted and Jim look back at Soderbergh’s Ocean’s 11 trailer to speculate on the style of the two films.

#TJPhotTAKE Book of Henry

Maybe a bit of a longer discussion on the trailer for this film from this past summer (2017). Ted’s branding and hashtagging everything is sight. If you want to make a suggestion on twitter you can hashtag #TJPaudSUG like we got from @RJCaedo for The Book of Henry. Quite a fun trailer that takes a hard left about a minute in.  

We wrap up this week with a quick story about All the Money in the World’s recasting. This Ridley Scott and Christopher Plummer interview was a great insight into Ridley’s process and Christopher’s good humor with his birthday cake where his face replaces the rest of the cast and crew.

CREDIT: worldnewstweets.com

CREDIT: worldnewstweets.com