Ep 023 The Equalizer 2

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The Equalizer 2 | Sony Pictures Ent | Trailer drop 04.19.2018 | Release date 07.20.2018

Judith beheading Holofernes  by  Caravaggio , painted in c.1599-1599

Judith beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio, painted in c.1599-1599

Ted messed up a bit here so we discussed the Fandango version of The Equalizer 2 trailer but we have included both for people to watch. Not even Ted's love of Denzel and Antoine Fuqua can excite them into going and seeing this film. A great trailer but without feeling any peril for the lead Jim and Ted will only happen upon this movie accidentally while streaming.

Westworld Season 2 | HBO | Trailer drop 03.29.2018 | Release date 04.29.2018

From the big screen Jim and Ted move to the small screen with big players and big budgets. As HBO and Netflix show some ambition with their respective series. No matter what Ted talks about when he mentions Lost in Space whether it be at a Bat mitzvah or with Jimmy on the pod everyone loves The Expanse. Ted gets it, he needs to watch The Expanse.

Lost in Space | Netflix | Trailer drop 03.06.2018 | Release date 04.13.2018

5 SEASONS OF LOST IN 8 MINUTES | YouTube posting 01.06.2010

Lastly, Ted mentioned a piece of long-form marketing for the launch of the last season of Lost. It's long at 8 minutes but Ted's a Lost super fan so this was a mere amuse-bouche.