Ep 045 The Kid Who Would Be King

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So this is an older trailer but it seemed to match the October vibe of Halloween and is checking a lot of boxes for things I like to talk about on our podcast.

  1. Patty Jenkins Directed. This is a premiere feature film director and while this is true it feels like she’s been given the reigns of a series that does not have a female top billed. Her previous movies and series had female leads, Wonder Woman, Monster, The Killing.

  2. TNT continuing their success with The Alienist where you get feature film stars for their small screen offering. TNT may be the night but they are not going quietly into it. Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine do not come cheap.

  3. Their branding is spot on. While the Trademark is the TNT Suspense Collection the url is unencumbered by the TNT prefix. https://www.suspensecollection.com/ Even the sizzle reel on the splash page links these two limited series through context allowing marketing to guide the audience from one to the next and back and forth if needed.

I Am the Night | TNT | Limited Series Trailer | Trailer dropped 07.02.2018 | Release JANUARY 2019

Here’s a question. Will the public start to blame or credit Disney even though this was in the works for years before the purchase of 21st Century Fox? Looks good, looks fun and it has Andy Serkis’s son who I did not realize was in Alice Through the Looking Glass.

It’s very interesting to me that you would relegate this to the Fox Family Entertainment and the 20th Century Fox UK youtube channels and only have a link to it from the main domestic 20th Century Fox channel. I think this is a good sign for the new Disney space as Disney will need to protect their high value brand while expanding to non-kid friendly content. They’ve always had Touchstone but that has been muddied a bit with kid content that fell outside of the idea of classic Disney content.

The Kid Who Would Be King | | Feature Film Trailer | Trailer dropped 10.17.2018 | release 01.25.2019

…and to close out this Halloween season here’s another horror flick that Netflix is trailering at the end of October and streaming at Christmas!? It has the star power with Sarah Paulson, Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich but is it a logline rip off of A Quiet Place?

Also this was Susanne Bier who has worked with Mads Mikkelsen which as you know is a plus for Ted but seems to have spent the past 20 years directing foreign romantic films. Hey we gave Halpert a chance - let’s give her a chance.

Bird Box | Feature Streaming Trailer | Trailer dropped 10.24.2018 | Release date 12.21.2018