Ep 057 Marcos Gabriel Interview

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Jim & Ted had a great time chatting with Marcos Gabriel from Soapbox Films while drinking this Imperial Stout and Jimmy tapped into his keg for his homebrew stout. Marcos thoughtfully walks through the various marketing development stages and ribs Jim and Ted about their yet unidentified ASMR fetish around beer popping and pouring.

In a week where Spiderman: Far From Home, John Wick 3, Ghostbusters 2020 and other trailers drop Ted defends his choice of the A24 space thriller, High Life.

Thanks again to Marcos, Harry & Dave for all the partnership over the years.

High Life | A24 | Trailer dropped 01.16.2019 | Release date 04.12.2019

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | New Line Cinema | Release date 10.17.2003