Ep 014 Deadpool 2 and Many Dark Hours

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Diving into this week's deep dive we find out that Jim's just not into superhero movies. Ted does his best to angle for a few standouts like Black Panther and Deadpool. But this week we take a look at the Deadpool 2 trailer featuring Cable.

Part of the fun of the Deadpool franchise is the self-referential nature of the humor.

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This is also the second week in our bracket for the TJP Solo Cup for the best Trailer. Call Me By Your Name won week one and this week we have: Darkest Hour, The Post and Dunkirk clashing in our historical turning points round of this contest.

Gary Oldman's performance pitted against Spielberg's directing and Nolan's storytelling. Who will win? Listen to find out.


Lastly, a word on The Post's poster. As the odds stack against them, here are two people taking measured steps and Meryl is leading the way. All of this is communicated with a still and the copy is all carefully placed and the image is so flexible. I've seen it as a banner or a square and all the posters even the posters with them in a medium shot show Tom and Meryl from the back. To me this means their backs are against the wall and you are being given a view of the events from their perspective, So much pressure.