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This week Jim & Ted take on some doll love.  No not that kind of love, but dolls as therapy for an artist recovering from an attack by five men.  They also discuss Jerry Seinfeld's new to Netflix show, and finally, Creed II.  They're both Rocky fans and discuss of some of their favorite Rocky moments.  Jim also give tips on how to train for boxing, and he's not a boxer... go figure.  Here's a hint: It's discipline folks.  Enjoy it to the end for some Timmy and Mikey talk after the close.

Welcome to Marwen | Universal | Trailer drop 06.20.2018 | Release date THIS HOLIDAY SEASON

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2018: Freshly Brewed | Netflix | Trailer drop 06.20.2018 | Release date 07.06.2018

CREED II | MGM | Trailer drop 06.20.2018 | Release date THANKSGIVING