The Shifting Media Paradigm

The Shifting Media Paradigm

Media is changing and the moves streaming services are making to leverage this paradigm shift are broad, inventive and subversive. The marketing and release of Cloverfield Paradox is Netflix acting like ‘the Raptors testing the fences’ and the hubris of established entertainment execs might lead to their lose of focus, unless they figure out how to get ahead of the shifting paradigm and save their business.

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TJP Blog Disclaimer & Primer

The Disclaimer

Views expressed are the authors' and the authors' alone and do not represent any insight or perspective of any company or agency we work for or with any capacity including Trailer Junkies Podcast.


The Primer

TJP was established to bring Jim and my wit and witticism to the media marketing space. After a decade of bouncing startup ideas off each other and shooting them down, mostly due to startup cost, Jim joked about starting a #podcast about movie #trailers. The pitch was simple and tongue in cheek.

  1. We’ll never run out of material.
  2. We can watch it on @YouTube.
  3. We do it anyway.

I took Jim’s joke to heart and while we crawled across #Lompoc (#SipLompoc 2017) #TrailerJunkiesPodcast was born. This was #BlackFriday and by the first week of December we bought mics and were recording our first podcast. I highly recommend this to everyone. Find something you are passionate about and grab a friend and a microphone (or record it into your phone’s voice recorder.) #sidehustleSTRONG