Ep 040 Captain Marvel

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This week Ted was on the Valentine in the Morning show competing on the Battle of the Sexes. Spoiler alert, Ted won and printed this lovely PDF and hung it on his wall.


Jimmy drank a huge can of Shipwreck from Mission Brewery and Ted had a smooth Pale Ale from Strand Brewing Company here in Los Angeles, Torrance actually.

First a NOW PLAYING update on Maniac. We covered the trailer on Episode 34 but now the first season is up at Netflix so we checked the pilot out.

Stan & Ollie | Entertainment One | Trailer | Trailer drop 09.18.2018 | Release date COMING SOON

So the big thing about this is to all the folks that say they hate trailers. I think Shirkers is a good example of a trailer that sets up the documentary that probably would not give the movie a second chance without the trailer.

Captain Marvel | Marvel | Trailer | Trailer dropped 09.18.2018 | Release date MARCH 2019

Mary Poppins Returns | Disney | Trailer | Trailer dropped 09.17.2018 | Release date 12.19.2018

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina | Netflix | Teaser | Teaser dropped 09.13.2018 | Release date 10.26.2018