Ep 041 Bumblebee

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This week Jim and Ted tackle nostalgia pretty hard. They discuss Gen-One Transformers, continue with the Mid90’s, and end at Dark Phoenix’s retro-fail of the X-Men costumes. There’s a bit of introspection on Jim and Ted’s respective teen years. They finished up with a discussion on the first four episodes of the latest Netflix show, Maniac.

Bumblebee | Paramount Pictures | Trailer | Trailer drop 09.24.2018 | Release date CHRISTMAS 2018

Dark Phoenix | 20th Century Fox | Trailer | Trailer drop 09.26.2018 | Release date 02.14.2019 No, wait 06.07.2019

Mid90s | A24 | Trailer | Trailer drop 07.24.2018 | Release date 10.19.2018

Ep 034 An Unwitting Emma Stone Trailer-spective

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It feels good to be back! ...and we have new segments, new trailers and more. But first let's pop the tops on some brews. (This will be much easier when we record on Friday nights - this week's 6:30am record session wrecked our Sundays). Jimmy had a beer from his epic cross country road trip and Ted went with a local-ish beer that you'll have to listen to find out about since it's part of our twitter contest! 

Then we get into two Emma Stone trailers. One for the Netflix series, Maniac with Jonah Hill and The Favourite with Rachel Weize.

Maniac | Netflix | Trailer drop 08.06.2018 | Release date 09.21.2018

The Favourite | FOX Searchlight | Trailer drop 07.092018 | Release date 11.23.2018

Jim briefly touches on a trailer to a Dutch bicycle documentary to go with his new bike.

The perfect morning beverage

The perfect morning beverage