Ep 036 Amazon Trailerspective

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...but first a #TJPquickHIT Sometimes something will come out and won't fit in the run of our show but if we feel strongly about it we'll jump straight into is as the #TJPquickHIT. This week's quick hits are Eureka and Homecoming.

Eureka | Amazon Prime Video | Series Promo | Promo drop 06.30.2018 | Release date Out now

Welcome to EUREKA.png

So this one is here just to show that there is an effort to push an old show out to a new audience.

  • No mention of what how old the show is (It originally ran 2006-2012).
  • No Colin Ferguson on the thumbnail.
  • The title confused people - in the comments people were looking for Welcome to Eureka (I suspect with a round or two of notes they would have teased out the copy to make "Welcome to" less like the title)

Homecoming Season 1 | Amazon Prime Video | Teaser | Teaser drop 07.20.2018 | Release 11.02.2018

This teaser is juicy but we will really dig into this when the full trailer comes out but this shows a big check in a very classy way. They paid for...

  • Radiohead Everything In Its Right Place (both the music and lyrics add to the tension of the piece)
  • Mr. Robot legacy & pedigree - Sam Esmail given money and creative freedom
  • Julia Roberts - how juicy does this product have to be to get Julia to do streaming? 

But now to the Deeper dives.

King Lear | Amazon Prime Video | Trailer | Trailer drop 08.20.2018 | Release 09.28.2018

The Romanoffs | Amazon Prime Video | Teaser | Teaser drop 08.14.2018 | Release 10.12.2018

Suspiria | Amazon Studios | Trailer | Trailer drop 08.23.2018 | Release 10.26.2018

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 1 | Amazon Prime Video | Trailer | Trailer drop 06.11.2018 | Release 08.31.2018