Ep 041 Bumblebee

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This week Jim and Ted tackle nostalgia pretty hard. They discuss Gen-One Transformers, continue with the Mid90’s, and end at Dark Phoenix’s retro-fail of the X-Men costumes. There’s a bit of introspection on Jim and Ted’s respective teen years. They finished up with a discussion on the first four episodes of the latest Netflix show, Maniac.

Bumblebee | Paramount Pictures | Trailer | Trailer drop 09.24.2018 | Release date CHRISTMAS 2018

Dark Phoenix | 20th Century Fox | Trailer | Trailer drop 09.26.2018 | Release date 02.14.2019 No, wait 06.07.2019

Mid90s | A24 | Trailer | Trailer drop 07.24.2018 | Release date 10.19.2018