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Trailer Junkies Podcast (TJP) is a podcast where Jim and Ted discuss movie trailers and the consumer-facing part of media marketing.  They use Ted’s industry knowledge, Jim’s common sense, and their wit to break down movie marketing using trailers as their vehicle.  At a time where the industry is challenged with the many ways of getting media in front of an audience, now is a good time to learn about this side of the media business.  With their trust and friendship as a backdrop for a fun conversation, Jim and Ted make movie/media marketing accessible to the watching public as well as some "deep dives" for media marketing professionals.

On it’s face TJP’s goal is to provide listeners with information to help them determine whether they will see up coming movies and T.V. shows while also providing a wealth of knowledge and information in an easy to digest format that took years to learn.  Jim and Ted bring their friendship to the podcast that creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.  As the listeners are self-selected “media fans”, having a marketing media focused show will bring value and can be a win-win opportunity for companies in the media marketing space.