Ep 077

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Interesting Forbes article on Fox, Why 'Ad Astra' And 'Ford V Ferrari' May Be The End For 20th Century Fox. The Rolling Stones are still a staple in big trailer cutting. Paint it Black and Gimmie Shelter are still as fresh as when they were released.

Ad Astra | 20th Century Fox | Trailer dropped 06.05.2019 | Release date 09.20.2019

FORD v FERRARI | 20th Century Fox | Trailer dropped 06.02.2019 | Release date 11.15.2019

The Kitchen | Warner Brothers | Trailer dropped 05.30.2019 | Release date 08.09.2019

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Netflix | Teaser dropped 05.30.2019 | Streaming 08.30.2019

LUCE | NEON | Trailer Dropped 06.04.2019 | Release date 08.02.2019

Ep 075 Industry Interview: Bec Jones

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Bec and Jimmy gang up on Ted as they both don’t like the superhero movie. Bec Jones talks about her thoughts on women in the film industry, UWE Film Culture Masters and the task of local cinema, specifically the Long Ashton Community Cinema. Ted drinks a Stone Revengeful Spirit Imperial IPA and Jimmy goes with Firestone Walker’s Krieky Bones. Ted bumbles Plato’s Theory of Forms to explain why fanboys get so mad at films about their beloved characters.

This one is for Bec’s mom!

Besides a review from Justin Jackson, at transistor.fm, Ted gave a lot of thanks and shout outs in this episode so here’s a recap of those.

  • Project by Project bringing Asian American professionals since 1998 and their annual fundraiser, Plate by Plate.

  • CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) and here’s the Leaders Fellowship which Ted is applying to tomorrow, but if you’re interested please apply as well (if you get it and you heard about it through TJP you’ll have to be on the podcast to talk about your experience!)

Terminator: Dark Fate | Teaser dropped 05.23.2019 | Release date 11.01.2019

From Fandom since ted can’t count to 6

From Fandom since ted can’t count to 6

Ep 074

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Thanks again to TJP’s Number One Fan, Paul Pasternak, for Pliny the Elder beer from Russian River Brewing Company for Jimmy. Ted got another cool beer from Burbank’s Handy Market and another fancy label Nothing Can Stop Me by Urban Roots out of Sacramento.

mixed-ish | abc Studios | Trailer dropped 05.14.2019 | Series premieres Fall 2019

Always Be My Maybe | Netflix | Trailer dropped 05.16.2019 | Streaming 05.31.2019

The Farewell | A24 | Trailer dropped 05.07.2019 | Release date 07.12.2019

Angel has Fallen | Lionsgate | Trailer dropped 05.16.2019 | Release AUGUST 2019