Ep 073 JM Kenny Interview & Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Buckle in Junkies! JM takes Jim and Ted on a wild ride from an aircraft carrier to Spider-Man! Double sized for all the stories. The beers were eclectic. JM’s Rasputin 22oz was a lot to handle and Jimmy’s Trappistes Rochefort #8 looked awesome and Ted returned to IPAs with Laugh It Up, Fuzzyball from Claremont Craft Ales.

Spider-Man: Far From Home | Marvel / Sony | Trailer dropped 05.06.2019 | Release date 07.02.2019

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Ep 072

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This week Jim and Ted discuss streaming strategies from the sidelines (absolutely no insider information here - only the speculation from a couple of savvy armchair quarterbacks). As well as the stylistic pivot of the Sonic design, what do all the Veronica Mars Kickstarter funders get from Hulu? And is Bezos trolling the other media content studios with their streaming movie Late Night?

Veronica Mars (2019) | hulu | Teaser dropped 05.01.2019 | Streaming 07.26.2019

Sonic the Hedgehog | Paramount Pictures | Trailer dropped 04.30.2019 | Release date 11.08.2019

Late Night | Amazon Studios | Trailer dropped 05.01.2019 | Streaming 06.07.2019

Ted loves this Pixar short that Jimmy jokes as a short directly from HR.

And here’s Ted’s beer handed to him by Mark, the beer buyer at The Handy Market in Burbank to make sure to best Jimmy on ABV (at 14.4%). This colab between Jackie O’s and Evil Twin Brewing called You’re in the Jungle Baby! is appropriately named.

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Ep 071

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Three types of companies make three very different movies for a variety of reasons. The most interesting is Deadwood, can a movie reanimate a short-lived, but loved HBO series? Does Netflix finally hit Sandler paydirt with Murder Mystery? Can a very traditional combination - Paramount, Will Smith, Jerry Bruckheimer & Ang Lee make a actioner worth watching?

Gemini Man | Paramount Pictures | Trailer dropped 04.23.2019 | Release date 10.11.2019

Deadwood: The Movie | HBO | Trailer dropped 04.25.2019 | Premieres 05.31.2019

Murder Mystery | Netflix | Trailer dropped 04.26.2019 | Available Now

Ghost town Brewery: Maldoror

Ghost town Brewery: Maldoror