Ep 060 $5 million 30 second-spot Ad Recap

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A lot of crossover this year during the big game and while the football game itself left LA flat and lifeless TJP thinks the ads gave everyone the FEELS and validated our ASMR hunch. Here’s a great rundown of all the ads from ADWEEK but we selected a few to go deeper on.

While Jim and Ted talk about Bud Light and Michelob Ultra they drink fun microbrews.

THORN BREWING CO. | Far Far Away | 6.6% ABV | West Coast IPA

Galaxy and Simcoe hops provide a beautiful flavor and aroma combo. Tropical notes like passion fruit come from the Australian variety Galaxy hops while additional citrus, pine, and ‘dank’ overtones come from the Simcoe strain.

The Pure Experience | Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Super Bowl 2019

Verizon | “The Coach Who Wouldn’t Be Here” :90

Bud Light x Game of Thrones Super Bowl Commercial - Joust

Washington Post Super Bowl message: Democracy Dies in Darkness

Ep 059 TrailerSpective Docs

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Ted’s beer for the week photographed at Handy Market

Ted’s beer for the week photographed at Handy Market

Documentaries allow the audience to share an experience, live vicariously through the subject of the doc or marvel at an achievement. This week Jim and Ted see how these trailers sell the promise made to the audience.

Here’s the beer Ted drank this week at 6:30am on Sunday morning.

The Biggest Little Farm | NEON | Trailer drop 01.29.2019 | Release date 04.05.2019

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley | Official Digital Tease | HBO | Teaser drop 01.24.2019 | Release date 2019

Apollo 11 | Trailer | NEON | Trailer drop 01.28.2019 | Release date COMING SOON

Hobbs & Shaw | Universal | Trailer drop 02.01.2019 | Release date 08.02.2019

Ep 058 Spider-Man: Far From Home

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If you’re in Burbank come see the Luther Burbank Middle School performance of High School Musical

Jimmy’s training ride around Beer & Wine country

Jimmy’s training ride around Beer & Wine country

Here is the Ben Thompson article on Stratechery Jim and Ted were discussing Netflix Flexes.

As Jimmy trains for the Leadville 100-mile MTB here’s the podcast for the race.

Audrey likes Tom Holland and his organization The Brothers’ Trust & Lilly Singh’s work with UNICEF.

This image is a little old but it’s cool

This image is a little old but it’s cool

Jimmy proclaims that he will bite the bullet and watch all the MCU movies in order.

Spider-Man: Far From Home | Teaser Trailer | Sony Pictures Entertainment | Trailer drop 01.15.2019 | Release date 07.05.2019

Carmen Sandiego | Trailer | Netflix | Trailer drop 01.04.2019 | Streaming 01.18.2019

Ghostbusters 2020 | Teaser Trailer | Jason Reitman | Tweeted 01.16.2019 | SUMMER 2020

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting ASMR | Hulu

Ep 057 Marcos Gabriel Interview

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Jim & Ted had a great time chatting with Marcos Gabriel from Soapbox Films while drinking this Imperial Stout and Jimmy tapped into his keg for his homebrew stout. Marcos thoughtfully walks through the various marketing development stages and ribs Jim and Ted about their yet unidentified ASMR fetish around beer popping and pouring.

In a week where Spiderman: Far From Home, John Wick 3, Ghostbusters 2020 and other trailers drop Ted defends his choice of the A24 space thriller, High Life.

Thanks again to Marcos, Harry & Dave for all the partnership over the years.

High Life | A24 | Trailer dropped 01.16.2019 | Release date 04.12.2019

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | New Line Cinema | Release date 10.17.2003